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Dear 9a,

unfortunately we can’t meet today (17.11.2020), but I hope you all feel well. I would have liked to listen to your stories about the Aboriginal boy – we’ll postpone that to the next in-class lesson.

For today’s lesson: go back to the text “Walkabout” on page 12-13. Do number 2 “Mary’s answers” on the sheet that I gave you to get back into the story and after that write an alternative ending about what could have happened if Peter had not sneezed (book p. 13 no. 5, at least 150 words). Remember what we have said about the meaning of his sneezing in the last lesson.

As a “homework”: read the text “First time in ‘Oz’” on p. 17 and do number 1 1.-2. (notes are enough) and number 2 a+b.

Stay healthy! Hope to see you back in class soon.



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